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 The business is located in a red barn and Nicholls’ husband’s nickname is “Bug” which is derived from the Dr. Seuss book, “Because a Little Bug went Ka-choo!” Jared Nicholls, a native of New Zealand, got his nickname as a child because his severe allergies caused him to sneeze a lot, his wife said. The Nicholls, who live on a farm, own several animals including a pet lamb named Precious, chickens, pigs, a sheep and rabbits. Named after characters, Darrel, Darrell and my other brother Darrell on the Bob Newhart show, Nicholls has pet rabbits named Dee Dee, Dee Dee’s brother and Dee Dee’s other brother, she laughed and said. She also has pigs named, Ham, Bacon and Pork Chop. The Red Bug Barn sells dog, cat and fish food and all normal farm feed, Nicholls said. She also sells fresh eggs at the Red Bug Barn.

"The Red Bug Barn is much more than a feed, seed and produce business – it's a gathering place for the community and it has a little something for everybody." -Gail Nicholls, Owner

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