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About Us

Red Bug Barn is a family owned and operated store located in Chester, South Carolina. We specialize in livestock feed and fresh produce. We were founded May 2013. Our business has very humble roots and grew out of our small family farm. We were selling off our excess feed, and one day decided for a change of pace and started selling feed full time. We ensure our products are of the highest quality we can provide; as well, as a great value for our customers. In addition to feed, we also carry a wide selection of produce from local farmers, our family garden, and farm fresh eggs straight from our farm to your kitchen! We also carry fresh pork and rabbit, both free of hormones and antibiotics. Our chickens are free range, Non-GMO, and free of hormones and antibiotics. We go above and beyond to ensure the quality of our products to keep your livestock, pets, and family as healthy as possible!

Mission Statement

We would like to feed not only your livestock and pets, but also your family! Our feed is made fresh and locally, while being rotated often to ensure a fresh product for your livestock and four legged family members. Most of our produce is local and fresh, with a portion coming from our family’s own vegetable garden. We strive to go above and beyond to ensure the best and healthiest experience for you, our customers. We would, however, like to be much more than just a store. We would like to be a hub for our community. Somewhere you can come not only when you need supplies, but also when you would just like to talk. We believe this will benefit the community greatly by the spreading of new ideas and methods! We have certainly learned a lot from our regular customers here in the last few months!

Red Bug Barn

2531 Lancaster Hwy
Chester, SC 29706

(Two miles off exit 65)
Next to Chester Livestock Exchange
At the corner of Lancaster & Rodman Rd

(803) 789-3011

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