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Benefits And Reasons For Buying And Eating Fresh Local Produce

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Have you ever heard the saying fresher is better?  That’s because it’s true, especially when you’re talking about fresh local produce.  There are many reasons and benefits as to why it is better to eat and buy your fresh produce locally, aside from the obvious that it tastes better fresher.

One of the main reasons to buy your fresh produce locally is because it will be healthier for you, it will lasts longer, and it may just save you a couple of trips to the doctor per year or to the pharmacy to pick up medication. That is because produce lose their optimal nutritional benefits from the moment they get picked, vitamins produced such as vitamins A, B, C and E start losing their potency and continue to decrease the longer they sit. And when you shop for your fresh produce locally you know that what you’re getting is going to be fresh.  Alternatively, if you shop at the local supermarket you will never know or be sure how long the produce have already been sitting there; although you can take a good guess since most mass produce that supermarkets get come from states such as California, Texas, Florida, or even out of the country in some cases like imports from Mexico.  So you already know that they’ve probably been picked, packed, trucked, and shipped to travel by plane or by truck, sometimes both; and then you really don’t know how much longer they’ve sat on the shelves by the time you go buy it.  Also, big supermarkets get their produce picked out based on a few factors including their shelf life to make sure they can maintain for a long time, that they can survive packing and travel, and that they ripen at the same time so they can get bulk shipments.  This practice can often make the produce lose a significant amount of its nutrients especially if picked too early and wasn’t allowed to fully ripen.  However, small local farms, such as we retail at Red Bug Barn, will make sure that all produce is picked at their optimal peak for better taste and to preserve their nutritional benefits.  And so the shorter the time it takes for the produce to get to your stomach the more nutrients you will be getting, plus the produce will look and taste better too.

Another one of the many benefits and reasons to buy fresh local produce instead of the supermarket is because it helps to keep and build the economy, the environment, and the community. I don’t know about you, but I get a certain sense of comfort and security knowing that the produce I’m about to eat came from somebody’s local “backyard” rather than a “junkyard” or from a store that had those produce trucked over several hundred miles away.  Local farms and stores that grow and harvest their own produce also often enjoy talking about how they grow it, how they nourish it, and so on as they take a lot of pride and responsibility in their efforts and towards their consumers.

Since you now know that fresh fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet because of their many nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and other benefits, you should seriously consider how to get the most nutrients, etc. from the foods that you buy.  Next time you go to get your fresh produce, make sure that you’re headed to a store or farm that buys or grows locally; like Red Bug Barn, located in Chester SC, so that you know they are doing their best to take care of you!