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Don’t Let It Get Your Goat!

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Goats need special care and attention when caring for them.  They can get ill quickly if not fed properly, and it can lead to fatal situations.  You should always look for signs of unusual weakness, excessive drooling, and any other unusual behavior.  If these symptoms should occur make sure to get veterinary assistance promptly as it can be a matter of hours or even minutes that can determine if the goat lives or dies.  Most folks who have never owned goats probably think that this livestock can survive by just moving around and eating grass, however that is far from the truth.  The first thing to know about goats is that they are herbivores, meaning that they need to be on a plant-based diet, and not eat meat.  They have a digestive system that cannot process meats or dairy.

The main things goats need such as protein, vitamins and minerals are found in certain kinds of feed, grains, and pelleted grain mixes, that are specifically formulated for goats.  Grains and goat feed will provide your goats with good health, energy, better milk production, and less expenses and trips to the vet!

There are different types of grains that you can feed your goat, the options include:

  • Whole grain- unprocessed grain, whole
  • Rolled grain- Contains the same nutritional values as whole grain but instead it is rolled flat, sometimes easier to digest
  • Pelleted grain- Grain byproducts that are milled into small pieces, then a binding agent is added to make them into pellets
  • Texturized grain: Other ingredients are added to improve nutrition value but similar to rolled grain.

Another tip to add better nutritional value to your goat’s diet is to get them loose minerals, or a mineral block they can lick, to provide them with nutrients that they need.  Baking soda is also an inexpensive way to help ease your goats’ digestion and to stop bloating.

As we have learned, what you feed your goat will determine its health, milk production, and lifespan….so make sure to do your homework on how to care for goats before bringing one home, or just stop on by the Red Bug Barn in Chester, SC to get more tips from us!