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Dual Farming: Raising Farm Animals That Benefit In More Ways Than One


Everybody knows that chickens lay eggs, and that cows and goats produce milk. We also know that these animals are also excellent meats that provide a good source of protein, but most of them offer other great benefits as well. For example, chicken eggs are the most commonly used and consumed type of eggs, and chicken is also the most popular poultry meat to eat. But before these chicken wings end up on plate, they make great bug and pest control, and their manure are excellent fertilizers for gardens when properly applied!

Goats are also known for producing dairy such as milk and cheese, and they are also popular for making yogurt, kefir and even soap. But they are also great for weed control, and their manure also makes great fertilizer. Rabbits are also animals that provide multiple benefits. Aside from being one of the best and leanest meats to eat, their hides can be tanned, and their manures make excellent fertilizers right away as it can be applied directly on the plants without burning them, like most other manures would. Plus, they are great as a relaxation/therapy help!

These are just a few examples of animals that serve many purposes, and there are other animals that provide multiple benefits as well, including sheep, pig and quail. So if you’re in need of some natural fertilizers, weed control, bug control, and the many other benefits that these critters provide, then stop by the Red Bug Barn, in Chester SC to see if we can help you get started!