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Happy New Year From The Red Bug Barn Family!

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Happy New Year to you, your livestock, your cat, your dog, your hog, and your other loved ones!

We are very excited for the new year as we turn the page on 2016, start off with a clean slate, and set new goals (resolutions).  And as individuals we tend to set goals for ourselves such as eating healthier, being more productive, becoming a better person, spending more time with our loved ones, etc. but hopefully you’ve set some goals for your beloved animals too.  It is important to set goals for yourself, and writing them down somewhere where you can see them daily can make a difference to help you reach them.  However, since your animals won’t be able to read them you will need to take the steps to ensure that they become a better version of themselves this year!  Here are some resolution ideas for your animals in 2017:

  1. Switch their diet to Non-GMO feed – This will ensure that your animal is in better overall health, happier, more productive, and that she’ll gain weight quicker without eating as much.
  2. Keep them well hydrated – You should have plenty of water accessible to your animals throughout the day so that they can drink it when they feel they need it.
  3. Their diet should be free of hormones and antibiotics – Hormones are bad for animals as they force unnatural growth, force milk production, and causes malformations.  Antibiotics are used in animals to prevent diseases and to also stimulate unnatural growth.  These antibiotics can also cause humans to deplete our healthy bacteria.

You should always do a lot of research about the best options for your four legged family members to ensure that they are being fed properly, that they are happy, and productive.

And for you and your family members, make simple changes in your diet to feel better and be healthier.  Make sure to get your produce fresh and locally as this will ensure that your foods haven’t traveled across the country, and that they haven’t been sitting on the shelves for days.  Get farm fresh eggs, directly from a local farm preferably so that you can also talk with the farmers to find out if the chickens they have are free range, Non-GMO, and free of hormones and antibiotics.  Or if you want to go really healthy with your eggs then try some fresh quail eggs!  And lastly, of your meats, make sure to eat lean and nutritious meats like fresh rabbit.

We hope that this year is a great one for you, your animals, and your family!