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Tips To Keep Your Animals Safe, Healthy And Happy During The Holidays

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The holiday season is here!  It is an exciting time for everybody, as we all get together with our loved ones to celebrate and enjoy some fun quality time but in the midst of planning, cooking, preparing, decorating, etc. make sure to keep your pets and livestock in mind so that they can have a safe and jolly holiday too.

The most important thing to remember to do for you animal(s) this holiday season is to make time for them and to keep all of their activities, exercise, eating and drinking schedule the same.  And when I say eating I mean the same diet too, don’t indulge and give in to those sad puppy eyes when they are begging for food table.  While it may be tempting to let your pet try some of the delicious meat that you cooked because it is perfectly safe for people to consume, it may not be safe for animals, especially if the meat is on the bone still.  It is best to throw away those left over bones as they can cause your pet serious internal problems.  So make sure to also educate your family and friends, especially children, on what they can feed your pet and what they must not feed them. You may want to get them a treat that is made specifically for them so that they can have a little extra fun too, but not too much!   As far as exercise and activities for your animals they should be done, ideally, prior to company arriving so that they don’t get overly excited.  Instead, you should find them a quiet and safe place to relax in while the loud noises and fun is taking place.  Do not put your animals outside in the the freezing cold.  If your animal can’t stay inside when the festivities are going on then you should provide them with a shelter that is covered and warm enough for them, while leaving enough water and food for them to have anytime that they want it.  You should also consider taking out your animals for plenty of exercise and activities prior to all the fun taking place this way they can relax later, after getting their fun out of the way!

Lastly, keep your animals out of danger by keeping their surroundings safe.  If you’re decorating, then make sure that all lights, candles, heaters, plugs, tools, and electrics are out of their reach so that they don’t get caught and get hurt.  After all, you would keep your eye on your baby the entire times so it is only natural that you would do the same for your baby pet too.  Red Bug Barn wishes all of Chester SC and everybody across the United States a very happy, and holly jolly holiday season!