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Welcome To The Red Bug Barn!

Red Bug Barn Building

For those of you intrigued with the name Red Bug Barn, I will let you know the origin of where the name came from.  Red Bug Barn is located in a red building we use as a barn to store all our wonderful feeds and supplies, in Chester SC,  And my husband, Jared, is nicknamed “Bug” (hence Red Bug Barn) which is derived from one of Dr Seuss’ books called “Because a Little Bug Went Ka-choo!”  The reason Jared got this nickname is because, growing up in New Zealand, as a child he had severe allergies that caused him to sneeze a lot…

Jared and I decided to open Red Bug Barn because of our love for all pets and animals.  We live on a farm and own several animals including our pet sheeps named Sissy and Scarlett; and our rabbits, who are still with us in spirit, named Dee Dee, Dee Dee’s brother, and Dee Dee’s other brother (named after characters Darryl, Darryl and my other brother Darryl from the Bob Newhart Show)— I’m not kidding!  We also have chickens, quail, more sheep, cows, and a pig named Doris the Duroc!  We love our animals and pets dearly and want to make sure that they are always eating the right nutritious foods and stay well hydrated.

We have some of the best Non-GMO products, livestock and pet food such as, dog and cat food, fish food, and all normal farm feeds.  We only carry trusted brands that we feed our own pets with such as Bartlett Milling Co, Orangeburg Milling Co, Newberry Feed, Tucker’s Milling Co, and BFF Seeds. We also offer some feeds in bulk and offer discounts to LEO, Fire and EMS, and most importantly, our veterans!

We want to help all pet and livestock owners with our expertise on what their loved ones need in quality and quantity at the most affordable prices.  So whether you’re in need of some amazing foods for your pets, some fresh local produce, fresh eggs, or simply have questions about your precious pets please stop by and say hello as we love to meet new folks who share the same love for animals as we do here, at the Red Bug Barn located in Chester SC, two miles of the 65 and next to the Chester Livestock Exchange; or visit us online at

We look forward to meeting you soon, and helping you provide the best foods, including Non-GMO, to your precious animals, pets, and livestock.


Jared & Gail Nicholls & The Red Bug Barn Family