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What Are The Health Benefits Of Eating Fresh Rabbit Meat?


Now, I know that some folks may be feeling outraged before even beginning to read this article, even though they will happily eat cows, chickens, and pigs… but keep an open mind and let me tell you why fresh rabbit meat might be some of the best meat available for you.

One of the main health benefits that rabbit meat contains is protein, as a matter of fact it contains more proteins than chicken and turkey, and has nearly twice as much than pork.  Rabbit meat is also very easy to digest compared to other meats such as chicken.  It is also lower in fat than pork or beef as it is one of the leanest meats you can eat, and, more importantly, it is much lower in the bad kind of fat, called saturated fat, than either of those meats again.  Fresh rabbit also gives you a good dose of vitamin B-12, and it’s also rich in B-3 vitamin, also known as niacin, as it gives you 35.8% percent of the daily value needed.  It is also lower in cholesterol than chicken as it almost contains almost no cholesterol, and is low in sodium.

As you may be beginning to see the nutritional and health values that fresh rabbit meat contains, you may also be interested to know that it also contains minerals that our bodies use to produce antioxidants.  It is by far one of the most nutrients filled meat there is available and is a white meat only animal.  It has a great taste as many folks think it tastes a lot like chicken!  Rabbits are also known to produce better than most other domestic livestocks as they can produce about six times more meat on the same feed and water than a cow would produce.  Rabbits also contain calcium and other minerals such as selenium that are beneficial for your health.

So the next time that you’re in the mood for chicken, maybe you’ll give fresh rabbit a try and enjoy its health benefits as well as its taste!  At Red Bug Barn, in Chester SC, we have fresh rabbit meat available throughout the year, so be sure to contact us or visit us online to check for its availability and to reserve your today!