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Why Local Farm Fresh Eggs Are Better For You Then Supermarket Eggs


Is there really a big difference in consuming eggs that come from chickens raised on a farm Vs. chickens that are caged?  Of course! There are many benefits to having farm fresh eggs instead of consuming regular eggs, let’s explore them shall we…

For one, naturally raised chickens behave like real chickens!  That is because they have the space to run around and eat the foods they actually like such as plants, fruits, bugs and worms.  Whereas caged chickens barely have any room to move, they are rarely if ever exposed to natural sunlight, they are also fed antibiotics and hormones, and are often mistreated and abused.  And in contrast, their diet consists mainly of corn, soy, and cottonseed.

Free-ranging chickens have a natural diet as they are able to roam around free and forage for their own food.  They also benefit from being in the natural sunlight as they are healthier and can fight off infections a lot better than caged chickens.  Their diet is well rounded as they eat different foods that they find out in their pastures, as a result they have a lot more vitamins and nutrients than their counterparts, including omega-3 eggs that are mainly fed flaxseeds.  And because chickens are not naturally vegetarians they prove to show healthier when they eat a natural diet.  Speaking of Omega-3 eggs, Free-ranging chickens lay eggs that contain two to ten times more Omega-3 fats than regular eggs!  They also have twice as much vitamin E as found in supermarket eggs, three to six times the amount of vitamin D, and also more carotene is found in Free-range eggs.

So while choosing eggs from naturally raised chickens is important ethically and environmentally, it is most important for your health and the eggs will taste better and fresher.  To find the best local and farm fresh eggs visit Red Bug Barn in Chester, SC, or visit your local farmers market and be sure to ask farmers what their chickens eat and how they are raised.