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Why Non-GMO Feed Is Better For Animals


Non-GMO Feeds are experiencing a huge influx in demand from consumers especially in meat, dairy, and egg products.  There are many reasons for this growth in customer demand, certainly more knowledge and awareness about genetically modified organisms is a big cause as well as the actual results seen in animals’ overall health.

Research and many studies have been done, by actual farmers, to test the benefits and difference between Non-GMO and genetically modified products.  The results have been astounding when comparing the overall health of animals who consume Non-GMO vs GMO Feed.  Animals showed improvement in their overall health when their feed was switched to Non-GMO, while their drug treatments and sicknesses were reduced or cut in half in most instances.  Herds experience significantly better health when using Non-GMO feed, as cattle casualties due to pneumonia or digestive problems are also cut in half.  Livestock also don’t need to eat as much when using Non-GMO feed, and they seem to feel better and happier.  Pigs are highly susceptible to poor health and sickness when consuming GMO feed.  Study found that pigs suffered from severe inflammation in their stomach when fed GMO feed, while Non-GMO fed pigs showed much better results.  Some farmers have stated that animals instinctively eat Non-GMO vs. GMO feed when given the choice.  This is a significant revelation as these studies were not done in laboratories but rather in actual farms.

GMO Feeds can cause severe health problems for animals, especially glyphosate herbicide. Some of the health problems that can stem from glyphosate herbicide include reproductive problems and viral diseases in hogs, bloody bowels, rickets, and botulism in dairy cows, which is a very serious paralytic illness caused by a nerve toxin.

And while these findings didn’t come from any scientific studies, many farmers were able to notice the differences in their animals with their own eyes.  So if you want your animals to be healthier and happier, you want to have less expenses such as for antibiotics, then make sure to consider switching their diet to Non-GMO feed as they will feel better, gain weight faster while eating less, and their reproduction will be better overall too.